We deliver to Belgium, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info
We deliver to Belgium, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info

legero shoes for every day

legero women’s shoes are lightweight, made of the best materials, comfortable and yet stylishly contemporary. Sneakers, sandals, moccasins, ballerinas, boots, ankle boots, low-cut shoes – no matter the weather or the season: legero shoes accompany you throughout every walk of life. Because it matters how you walk your path.

Women’s shoes by legero are specially designed to meet our customers’ high standards. Leather shoes present all the properties necessary for wonderfully comfortable, high-quality and beautiful shoes. Alongside leather, stylish, soft and high-quality textiles are the most important upper material for legero.

The legero quality

Timeless design, uncompromising functionality, high-quality materials and the perfect fit – these, and no less, are the demands we make of legero shoes. The ease with which the shoe can be put on, easy closure, shock absorption, breathability and fit are all examined with the utmost precision.

The special legero quality is continuously checked as to its materiality and potential chemical ingredients in accordance with the strictest criteria. The goal is to not only achieve the high legero quality standards, but to go above and beyond them.

Since we want to be able to support our customers at all times, legero shoes can also be purchased online – the legero online shop makes it super simple. Enjoy the largest collection of legero shoes for women from the comfort of your own home.

legero women’s shoes – the legero united company

legero is a brand by legero united – a company founded in Austria in 1872. Today, the family-run company is an internationally successful manufacturer of shoes with headquarters in Graz.

legero shoes aim to inspire people, improve their quality of life and conserve natural resources – with well-thought-out design, sustainable materials and a high level of wearing comfort. These shoes are ideal for all occasions and outfits – and at attractive prices. legero shoes are available either from retailers, in our outlets or in the online shop.

legero shoes for every day

Women’s shoes by legero accompany you throughout every walk of life. At each step of production, sustainability and fairness are the very top priorities. We place great importance on processing materials of the very best quality and ensuring that our employees work under fair conditions. And we are proud of that.

We love what we do. And what we do is easy to explain: We do everything in our power to contribute to our customers’ well-being and to give them a feeling of lightness. There’s one thing all legero shoes have in common: the very best quality and tangible passion.